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Health & Nutrition Advice

Get help with your health goals

Being healthy is more than just avoiding illness or injury. It’s maintaining a lifestyle that ensures you have the energy, enthusiasm, and ability to go after the things you want in life.

Maintaining proper nutrition is a common health challenge affecting older adults. The causes of poor nutrition stem from a variety of factors including an unhealthy diet, difficulty cooking or grocery shopping, decrease in appetite, financial stress or hardship and more. 

Dr G Tembo Medical Practice is proud to offer dietak advice to help improve your health.


How we can help

Want to take charge of healthy eating? Make an appointment with us today. You’ll learn to plan healthy meals, navigate the grocery store, and eat mindfully. We can:

Assess your current diet

A well-diet assessment will help you ensure you’re getting the nutrients and energy you need.

Healthy Weight Management

Talk with you about healthy weight management to help you choose healthy, safe options for weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance.

Dietak Advice

We offer dietak advice, such as irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, diabetes and hypoglycemia, high cholesterol, or other concerns

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